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I spent the first part of this past weekend in Napa, celebrating a girlfriend’s bachelorette. We ran around and winery-hopped, making the most of a 95 degree day that had us sweating through our silk. It was a fun-filled adventure, but by Sunday I was ready for some down time.

To me, down time means working hard for your food. So when my mom suggested we pop over to a friend’s house and raid their plentiful garden, I was totally game.

Tucked between vineyards in the heart of the Napa Valley, the home of Victor Burt is a secret little paradise. His garden is meticulous. Every plant has its place and neat little rows of vegetables create an edible perimeter around his yard. Amazing doesn’t even scratch the surface of how beautiful this place is.

Dahlias and cucumbers surround the exterior…









providing a great stash of Summer veggies. I was a bit greedy with the peach picking, but I have serious issues holding back when it comes to stone fruit…

Bee paradise and the start of some pretty incredible tomato plants:









My adorable parents playing it up for the camera:

All in all, the harvest was a really great end to a pretty fabulous weekend. I walked away with about 20 peaches of all different varieties and I must say, I’m quite surprised I haven’t turned into one yet!

That’s all for now. Hope your next few days are as *fruitful* as mine were.


The Petite Aesthete

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