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Hi Friends,

My apologies for checking out over the past week. I’ve been running around, traveling for work and eating out a ton! The good news is that most of those meals have inspired some pretty incredible content that I’ll share over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I wanted to give you a quick update on a restaurant opening that completely blew my mind.

I guess it isn’t so much of an opening as it is an expansion. Or a pop up shop. Or a lunch service inside an already thriving restaurant? For those of you who live in San Francisco, Tartine Bakery needs little introduction.  And neither does Bar Tartine, its elegant older sister. But Tartine Sandwich Shop? Ohhhh, this is Tartine Bakery’s new, casual and savory girlfriend. She’s like the hip Skipper to the Bakery’s Barbie. And she is totally, completely, undoubtedly worth a visit. Or ten. Or a weekly pilgrimage… Seriously. It is THAT good.

Exhibit A: Smoked Eggplant and Tomato Open Faced Sandwich

It can be finished in 3 bites or less, but the smoky flavor is as impactful as a foot long!

Exhibit B: The Chopped Salad

Paprika salami, sunflower seeds, cucumbers… Texture! Texture! Texture!!

Exhibit C: The finale. The. Pulled. Pork. Sandwich.

If I was required to proclaim a last meal at this very second, this would be it. To. Die. For.

If these pictures haven’t convinced you, I will tell you that this is by far the best meal I’ve had in ages. And the minute my friend, Jen, and I finished, we had an oh-so-serious conversation about staying put until we were hungry enough to do it all over again.

Unfortunately, the place closes at 2:30, so the sandwich duet didn’t pan out, but we sure did lick our plates clean…

So go visit. And go quickly… Like most eateries that start with the word Tartine, this place is likely to have a very long line in no time…


Averyl, aka The Petite Aesthete!

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